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In the beginning… 

In early June, I was wrapping things up at my office when I received a text message from Donovan which read, “We’re starting our own company.”  Little did he know, I had already been planning on approaching him about a business venture not related to the sales world which we were currently working together in.  Having been born and raised in California, I replied, “Ya, dude, I know.”  What I didn’t know at the time, however, was Donovan had obtained information relating to the details of becoming a broker for a major telecom provider.  “Check your email, NOW!” was his next text.  Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and checked my email.  After reading the email, what I realized in that moment was how many lives of individuals and families we could help by starting our own business.  With the global economy having been decimated the past decade, it has been clear to me that strong leadership is needed now more than ever, and civic responsibility is something that is necessary to get things going in the right direction again.  Few times in my life have I found myself more sure about something in an instant than when I received that email.  Without hesitation, I responded simply, “Let’s do it.”

So here we are!  Overwhelming support came from our friends, families and mentors.  It has been amazing how many great people came on board immediately, excited to do business with us from all over the country.  When your primary focus is on helping other people improve their lives, you can’t help but grow.  Knowing the opportunity that we provide, and how different it is from every other sales and marketing company me and Donovan have worked for over the years, it’s no surprise that people want to be part of what we’re doing.  So, what exactly do we do?

It’s a very simple concept.  We broker products for Fortune 100 companies.  If you think of a pharmaceutical salesman, he or she is a broker of the drug that the pharmaceutical company developed.  Have you ever heard of a stock “broker”?  He or she is selling a company’s stock to consumers or other companies.  Imagine your real estate agent.  They are “brokering” someone’s house for them, and selling it to you.  We are the middle-man.  We are job creators.  All sales people are.  See, without sales, companies don’t generate revenue, they lay off employees (I’m sure most of us have felt the effects of this sad reality the past 10+ years), and in the end, they go out of business.  So, we provide these major companies services to businesses and consumers, improving the lives of their customers, as well as keeping employees of these major companies, well, employed.  So, how is Doxa different?

Now that you understand WHAT we do, this is WHY people have chosen to do it at Doxa.  We have designed a platform that sustains growth and longevity for the careers of our teammates.  People hate jumping from job to job, yet people typically want to have an opportunity to be developed and grow.  Without that opportunity, people will continue to jump and jump.  No one likes staying in the same place forever.  As one of my favorite authors wrote, “We are no longer in the industrial age.  The idea of people clocking in and clocking out for 40 years is over.”  Yet, while we do provide an awesome opportunity for professional and financial gain, these are not the only reasons people work with us.  Simply put, we have fun.  There is never a dull moment at our company.  Over the years as Donovan and I have run sales organizations, one thing we both had in common, is that people in our offices always said, “This place really feels like my second family!”  The reality is that most of our time spent is with the people we work with.  We’ve all had jobs that we dreaded going to work at day in and day out.  That’s not the case at Doxa and it never will be.  We take care of our own.

In closing, we want you to know that no matter where your life has lead you, what decisions you have made that have landed you wherever you may be, you truly can do and become anything you set your mind to.  Success is not something that is handed to anyone. It has to be obtained.  We encourage you to determine what success is to YOU, set your mind to that end, and approach your goals with massive action!

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